Plans for Our Facility

Fr_CharlesPortrait001.jpgTwo years ago, when we began our Capital Campaign and engaged our parishioners to pledge $5.1 million for renovating our campus, we said: “It’s been over 50 years since we last renovated our church and auditorium… they both need a new roof.” Today, in a season of heavy rains, we can relate to that!

Our present plan really sticks to the basics – undeniable needs that must be met if we are to be responsible stewards of Christ’s mission and ministry at OLA. We have set aside our initial “wish list” of features and focused on practical solutions to our most pressing needs in the church with the help of a new architect. The savings will enable us to do more in other places around our campus for the benefit of all.

  • So we begin with a new roof which will be attached more securely to the existing steel frame of the church for improved safety. Required accessibility for the handicapped will be met with a ramp to the front door, enlarged confessional room, and larger bathrooms for men and women built at the rear (east side) of the auditorium building. A new, 500-square-foot vestibule facing Berkeley Avenue will make the church entrance more welcoming while preserving the iconic arch that is a beloved feature of our church.
  • Inside the church we will have a place for our musicians on one side and a place for an immersion baptismal font on the other. The altar will be moved forward closer to the people to allow the placement of an adoration chapel behind it. Systems for sound, video projection, heating and air conditioning will be modernized. Lighting will be enhanced with new chandeliers and natural light from side windows and openings in the roof. New pews and new flooring will give our worship space a fresh look.
  • Preservation of existing artwork, such as the stained glass windows of Our Lady,
    mosaic Stations of the Cross and candle room will be balanced with new art – additional stained glass windows, a suspended crucifix, the altar, ambo and presider’s chair, etc. Outdoor spaces and walkways around the church will be beautified and made safer.

All in all, we have achieved savings of about $1 million over the original plan while meeting our goals for a safer, more serviceable and inspiring worship space. Our talented and capable parish committees have provided countless hours of valuable recommendations and advice which has added to our savings. Work will begin this summer.

Fr. Charles Ramirez