Welcome to the OLA Faith Community


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Worship is at the core of our relationship with God, and it is the very heart of what a Catholic parish is all about. At OLA, we support and express worship in many ways: the Liturgy, ministries, Sacraments, prayer, and music.


Whether you are a current member of the OLA family, a visitor from another parish, or a newcomer to the faith, OLA has a place for you. We invite you to worship with us, pray with us, grow in faith with us, and minister to others as part of our family. We are here to assist and support you on your faith journey. Welcome!


Interested in the Catholic Church? We invite you to one of our
Inquiry sessions. Call Kathy Steighner, Coordinator of Christian Initiation,
at (909) 626-3596, ext. 221, for more information.